Esalen Archives
      photographs from Esalen in the 1960s
      by Pam Portugal Walatka


Fritz Perls at Esalen 1967

Esalen Photographs--1960s

	Ed+Steve-500.jpg Ed Maupin and Steve Stroud 1967

Esalen--How it was and how it is

My Images of Esalen Institute, Big Sur

This site shows a few samples of the photographs I took inside Esalen seminars in the 1960s.

These images are represented by Getty Images

All of these images are registered with the United States Office of Copyright and cannot be used wihout permission from Getty Images.

I was one of the very few photographers taking pictures inside Esalen groups in the sixties.

George Leonard, representing the Esalen Board, gave me permission to use the name Esalen with these archives.

Video Clips 1969-1970

I have a few short video clips digitized from silent Super-8 home movie film, featuring Micheal Murphy, John Heider, and Will Schutz.

I posted them here. They are copyrighted!! Scroll down.

Esalen Goes to Europe 1970

Conversation: Michael Murphy, John Heider, Will Schutz. Silent movie! ~1969

Will Schutz family and friends home movies 1968-1969

Breath Made Visible

Filmmaker Ruedi Gerber licensed one of my photos to use in his film about Anna Halprin.

Pam Portugal at Esalen 1969

My Esalen Story

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